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A Gift of Love, by Tony Cointreau

A Gift of Love

Lessons Learned From My Work and Friendship with Mother Teresa

By Tony Cointreau

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I wrote A Gift of Love because people kept asking me to do so, telling me that there was a great need for it. Perhaps it was their parents who were dying, or another family member, or a close friend, and they needed to know what they could do for their loved ones in those last weeks, days, or hours. They knew that I had worked with Mother Teresa as a volunteer in her homes for the dying, and had twelve years' experience in what they were facing perhaps for the first time, and asked me to pass on some of my knowledge. Read more>>

Ethel Merman, Mother Teresa, and Me, by Tony Cointreau

Ethel Merman, Mother Teresa... and Me

My Improbable Journey from Cháteaux in France to the Slums of Calcutta

By Tony Cointreau

Published 2014

Ethel Merman and Mother Teresa had a lot in common. At first glance, that might seem highly unlikely, but in my years with them both, I discovered that though the differences were huge, surprisingly, there were also great similarities. Read more>>

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Praise for Ethel Merman, Mother Teresa... and Me

"I was so interested in your life with Ethel Merman…she was a gifted and fascinating woman. And of course Mother Teresa is smiling down. I don't think she would ever be anything but enthusiastic about your life and its far-ranging activity.

Your book is a wonderful story that nobody else can tell. I even think your family background is fun! You are a Cointreau, but then you also had the important entertainer career—I don't think they make many more like you."
HELEN GURLEY BROWN, Author and iconic editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine

Tony Cointreau's friendship with my mother was one of her life's true blessings. Naturally comfortable in the brightest light of her stardom and the softest light of her vulnerable heart, Tony shared an everyday intimacy with Ethel like a second my brother.
BOB LEVITT, Ethel Merman's son

Dear Tony,
I am glad to know that you have experienced joy in sharing our works of love for the poor in our home for AIDS patients. Thank you for your generous gift of love. Please pray for me as I do for you.
God bless you,
—MOTHER TERESA, Missionaries of Charity